Songs with Lyrics

There are composers who specialize in creating music that is only played on instruments, but others prefer to write shorter pieces that have words to...


Hooking an Audience In

Musicians who write modern music are only considered successful if many copies of their songs are purchased, so part of their writing contains a hook....


An Act of Collaboration

When people think of collaboration in connection with music, they often imagine a lyricist and musical composer working together. This is a true image that...


Creating Musical Arrangements

Whenever an original piece of music is composed, many of those who write it have a particular set of instruments in mind. While most artists...

One of the most ethereal arts, music is a composition of sounds that often create a series of feelings as the notes are played. There are songs written in many different ways, and each one is generally created to evoke an emotional response as the audience listens. Even if the person does not have the exact feelings the composer intended, there are few people left unaffected by the sounds they hear. This is the main goal of music, and the choice of form often is aimed at a specific audience.

Instrumental music has long been a part of the musical tradition of many cultures, but songs written with words are also a part of many cultures. For every generation there seems to be a new type of music being tried, and some have lasted centuries while others fade even as their audience ages. Each piece written has its own unique way to affect people, so it is an art form that is still alive and well.